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Narry 10&15. (:

hallouisen answered:

Thanks babe! I’m going to combine these oops.

Harry really doesn’t want to be at this party. He doesn’t want to be handed drinks and he really doesn’t want to be dragged into the circle on the floor. Mostly, he doesn’t want to be asked questions in front of people he really doesn’t like.

But Louis is there, pulling on his wrist until he sits, smiling bright and happy as he shoves another (illegal) drink into Harry’s empty hands. He winks as Harry glances at all of the people seated around and stops short when he sees him.

Niall is there, in all of his blonde hair and blue eyed glory. He’s sitting cross-legged next to Zayn and Liam, head thrown back in a laugh. Harry wants to cry, he’s just so pretty.

They start the game and soon, there are shouts and gasps and kisses being tossed around, crazy boys doing stupid things and girls giggling along in ways they think are cute (they’re not).

Louis gets called on and he takes a dare, has to eat something absolutely disgusting. He looks to Harry and the curly haired boy has to hide his face because Louis knows.

He know that Harry has a big, stupid crush on the one and only Niall Horan and he’s going to use it against him, no questions asked.”Harry, darling.”

Harry groans. “Truth or Dare? Hmm?” If he says dare he’ll probably have to kiss Niall. If he says truth, he’ll have to say who he likes. Shit.

He goes doe-eyed, “Um. Dare?” Might as well get it while you can.

"I, Louis Tomlinson, Dare you, Harry Styles, to kiss one Mr.Niall Horan. And i don’t mean any of this cute little peck on the lips. Kiss him, proper." Harry blinks and looks up at Niall, who shrugs and beckons him over.

"Let’s have at it then, love." Harry has to stop himself from launching over at Niall, but he can’t blamed if he scrambles a little quickly because he is a growing teenaged boy.

Niall’s lips are soft and he’s tastes a bit like beer and maybe something else like mint gum. They kiss slowly, putting on a bit of a show, brushing their lips together over and over again.

Harry gasps when Niall’s tongue reaches out to brush his bottom lip and suddenly he’s making out with his crush and wow okay, hey, he’s so not going to be the one to back away. Apparently, neither is Niall because Harry is being bodily pulled into the blonde’s lap.

He startles and backs up a bit, wide eyed with bring, swollen lips. Everybody around them is clapping and cheering, letting out wolf-whistles. Both boys flush before Niall speaks, quickly and quietly, “So I’ve thought you were cute since, like, forever and that jsut happened, and please tell we can do it again.”

Harry nods so fast Niall fears whiplash and then they’re kissing again and then being thrown into another room to continue what they’ve started.

Niall laughs, later, when it’s all over and Harry looks curiously looks at him, “‘s so funny?”

"Stupid teenage love. It’s so great."

"It is."

"We’re stupid and still in high school and wow okay, you’re really cute." 


Anonymous asked:

Narry and pick up lines?

justlogorrheic answered:

"Nialler," Harry says, practically dangling over the back of the couch in an attempt to get the blond’s attention. "Knock knock."

"No," says Niall curtly, pulling the blanket over his head and trying to go back to sleep.

"Knock knock," Harry insists. He finally topples over the couch and lands on the Niall-shaped lump. He loops his arms around his boyfriend and nuzzles into the curve of his shoulder.

Niall groans. “Who’s there?” He’s barely audible through the cotton.


"Madam who?"

Harry’s lips curve into a grin. He says, in his best imitation of a Southern drawl, “M’damn stars, you’re beautiful.”

There is a second’s pause. Then, Niall peeks out from the blankets, all blue eyes and tousled hair and grumpy pout, and allows Harry closer. Pleased with the outcome, Harry leans down and kisses him.

"Idiot," Niall mumbles, but he kisses back anyway.


Sorry for the really long post, I wanted to make sure I could get as much as I could in there. I saw these lovely posts and saw they all used to the same sites I do. So I combined theres, with some of mine that I love to use. I also added food, in here because I know I’m lazy so I thought you guys might appreciate it.
Converting websites:
convert anything to anything
convert youtube videos to mp3
download youtube videos
download from 8tracks
Daily Use:
tricks to sleeping more
what the fuck should I make for dinner
what the fuck should I listen to now
what the fuck should I do today
what the fuck should I do with my life
where the fuck should I go for drinks
what’s the fucking weather
Fashion, makeup, hair:
easy makeup tips
eyeliner trick
fashion guide/vocabulary
makeup hacks
Make up tips masterpost
make up tips (more) (more) (more) (more) (more) (more)
messy bun tutorial
skirt types
spoon tutorial
winged eyeliner tutorial
Food in under 10 minutes:
Yummy apple thing
Brownie in a cup
Cookie in a cup
French bread pizza
Egg tacos
Helpful for school (lots of writing tips):
An already typed essay at your fingertips(type the subject and press random stuff and an essay forms)
bibliography maker
Didn’t listen in class?
finals survival guide
free microsoft word alternative
homework help
learn geography
make flash cards
math problem solver (2)
Masterpost of writing software
online ruler
pull an all nighter but do well on your exam
Stress Analyst
when to go to sleep/wake up
Helpful websites:
best learning website ever
can’t remember the name of a song?
check the trust level of any website
consult this site before choosing a seat for your next flight
find the name to the song
is this website down for me or everyone?
Less confusing view of the world time zones
need a random number for a contest?
never hit a dead end with a broken link
self defense tips(x)
survival tips
upload anything from your iPhone etc. to your laptop
wanna know how stuff works?
watch movies/draw/everything??? with your online friends
How To: 
how to improve your self-esteem
how to look busy at work/school
how to love yourself
how to pull an all nighted but do well on your exam
how to study well
how to survive College
how to write an essay
Life Tips:
life tips
life tips for college
life tips for lazy people
99 life hacks to make your life easier
the best career fits for your star sign
Bunch of cool things
chrome extension tells you which tab is playing music
delete yourself from web services
donate food to people who are hungry (disable ad block)
fake tweet generator
HD celebrity images 
Play some online games like when we were kids
prevent hangovers
what font is that?
working out master post
how to download photoshop for mac for free
how to download photoshop for pc for free
in depth tutorial on how to make a gif
pretty much any photoshop tutorial you will ever need
photoshop help (2) (3) (4)
resources for photoshop
All Authors need to Know
Alternatives to ‘said’
Can’t remember a word?
download free books
download free kindle books
Masterlist of study tips
more writing tips
read books online for free
read/post fanfiction
read/post stories
Want to know who you write like?
10 sites to download free audio books
like the sound of a coffee shop? (Proven to boost creativity)
nature sounds (2)
rain noises
Tumblr help:
all of the audio posts you’ve ever reblogged
annoyed someone is asking you something they can find easily find them self?
code for ask box 
easy way to make masterposts
falling snow code for your tumblr theme
find a gif reaction
how to make tumblr themes
html help
install updates tab on a tumblr theme (x) (x)
kawaii emoji’s
mass tag replacer
popular tumblr extentions (x) (x) (x)
post limit checker
theme hunter
tumblr theme hunters (x) (x)
see problems with your blog/website
see your old themes
url shortener
does the opposite of ^^^
When you are bored:
DIY household ideas
silk - interactive generative art
learn new things masterlist
Paint a Nebula
Super Mario
silk - interactive generative art
what should i do today?
When you are sad: 
break something
cut something (blood) (tw!!)
get a hug
play cute games
Receive Compliments
see something cute
the thoughts room
A list of movies with links
A list of scary movies with recovery
A list of teen movies
Disney Channel Movies from 1998-2013
One of the best movie selections
The Masterpost of other master posts to movies/tv shows
Stream/watch tvs or movies
tumblr dedicated to find finding movies
watch free movies/tv shows
when to pee during a movie

Hope these help you guys through out the year. Have a great year. :)


Sorry for the really long post, I wanted to make sure I could get as much as I could in there. I saw these lovely posts and saw they all used to the same sites I do. So I combined theres, with some of mine that I love to use. I also added food, in here because I know I’m lazy so I thought you guys might appreciate it.

Converting websites:

Daily Use:

Fashion, makeup, hair:

Food in under 10 minutes:

Helpful for school (lots of writing tips):

Helpful websites:

How To: 

Life Tips:





Tumblr help:

When you are bored:

When you are sad: 


Hope these help you guys through out the year. Have a great year. :)